Keeping You Safe on the Road

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At Paap Auto Body, we're constantly staying up to date on the newest repair procedures for your vehicle.  I just returned from a three day conference in Lumbard, IL, where we learned about Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements and repairs for a safer vehicle.  Only about the top 10% of autobody shops in America that are concerned about consumer safety attended this training.  We make sure your car is properly repaired so it's safe for years to come.

Collision Repair Training


We just returned from three days of training in Naperville at the Collision Hub Repair University "SPEC OPS" Course! We make it a priority at Paap Auto Body to stay up to date with proper repair procedures.  We learned about today's vehicles and the proper repair procedures from the original equipment manufacturer. What does that mean for our customers?  They will know that their vehicle was repaired properly the first time, the way the manufacturer intended it to be.


Paap Auto Body Team Goes Through Specialized Welding Training

At Paap Auto Body we are dedicated to providing quality workmanship that ensures our customers safety after collision repairs are completed. Todays cars are being made with several types and strengths of steel. The newest material that manufactures are now using is aluminum. These materials all have specialized welding requirements. At Paap Auto Body we are just as concerned about the how these materials are being welded onto vehicles during the repair process as the manufacturers are.

To ensure that we are performing safe and proper welds at all times the Paap Auto Body team recently went through extensive steel and aluminum welding training and have earned certification necessary to perform proper welding during structural collision repairs. This certification is our promise to you that when we weld on your vehicle we are committed to maintaining the structural integrity and will return your vehicle to you at the end of our repair process as safe as it was before your accident.

We are the only collision shop in the area that has completed this specialized steel and aluminum welding certification and have also passed the necessary comprehensive evaluation of our infrastructure and our equipment to ensure that our facility is set up to perform safe and proper welds. We hope that our commitment to safety is as important to you as it is to us and you will consider bringing your vehicles to Paap Auto Body in the unfortunate event of a future accident. If any of your family or friends are in need of collision repairs, please consider referring them to Paap Auto Body as well.